Miri ah beng come here

http://www.mudah.my/Neon-Stripe-for-Yam … 498537.htm

any ah beng have buy from this?

Wah… @.@

Very beautiful.
And I am sure price is also beautiful as well Lulz

so rabbit… ppl who decorate their machine with neon lighting… u call them ahbeng izzit?

hmmm… hati2 oooooo :lol:

So only ah beng loves neon lights? Thanz for the info. So miri is a ah beng city. :mrgreen:

ahbeng city?hahah can be said so…haha

even spore chao ah beng also using it :mrgreen:

not chao ah kua? :mrgreen:

Sponsored by sesco ka?

did u guys see any ah beng in miri?


[quote=“dennos2”]so fast prepare Christmas?

Christmas tree also kalah[/quote]

So ah beng is Santa Claus?

ah bengs and ah liens…tsk tsk.

miri and sibu full of them. shakes head

ah beng’s motto 'IO AR IO AR SI BEH SONG AR!! ’

[quote="[willow]"]ah bengs and ah liens…tsk tsk.

miri and sibu full of them. shakes head[/quote]

:lol: :lol: yeah

wah the scooter looks like it came from the movie Tron…

Item : Neon stripe for Yamaha Nuovo Head Lamp

-can be decorated & modified to any interior or out looking.
-Long lasting compared with the CCFL.
-Flexible & Bright

still using LED to decorate u bike for the motor show??? Try thiz!!!

Price : RM 40 (1M)
RM 50 (1.5M)
RM 60 (2M)

Colour : Cool White, White Blue, Blue & Purple

Size : 1M, 1.5M & 2M

Item Condition: Brand New

Location : Sibu, Sarawak

Dealing method:
-Self Collect (COD Sibu area)
-Courier Post or PosLaju

Shipping +RM5 to Whole Malaysia

Payment Method:
-Cash & Carry
-Payment to Maybank2U

  • Projector Inside:016-8092229

this is his ad anybody want so we can negociate with him on price.then later miri ahbeng got more stylish look at night… :mrgreen:

http://img1.gtimg.com/joke/pics/23062/23062979.jpg stylish

why is neon light related to ah beng?

Soon Miri gonna have many UFO roaming around the city… :mrgreen:

I think is not that bad… at least got new things lo… neon city ^.^