Ministry to nab drivers who damage public utilities

Lee (right) is shown the data on the number of vehicles passing through Miri-Pujut road, during his visit to inspect the traffic light junction.

MIRI: The state Transport Ministry is looking to collaborate with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Public Works Department (JKR) to track down and hold responsible drivers who damaged public utilities such as traffic lights and street lamps.

State Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin said there is a need for stricter laws to protect such utilities, and that his ministry is currently working on possible actions to be taken against such errant drivers.

“The central control traffic centre is under the jurisdiction of JKR in Kuching to monitor the traffic flow. Should an accident happen, a police report will be made to report on any damage from the accident.

“However, any further action such as tracing the vehicle’s owner and related details is not possible unless we collaborate with JPJ on this. JKR only provides the traffic system service. Any action involving enforcement, JPJ will have to come in,” he told reporters after inspecting the traffic light junction in front of Bintang Megamall here yesterday.

Lee, who also commissioned the digital countdown for the traffic light junction, added his ministry is also working on urban traffic management to better manage such issues.

On the digital countdown system, he explained it was necessary to improve the safety of motorists, by reducing incidents of drivers jumping the red light.

He said having an intelligent traffic system is important for future traffic planning and management.

“The data we collect includes the number of vehicles passing through junctions. This will be beneficial for the future smart traffic system that we are slowly developing, as one of the components of a smart city,” Lee said.

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