Ministry ready to kill draft Bill

good news for a change…

stupid people with their stupid bills… simply ridiculous…

biasa la , propose something macam naharrom -> rakyat melatah -> ok ok cancel cancel -> songs of praises for gaomen kerana mendengar rintihan rakyat

But this skill always works on most malaysian u know…which is why they always use it.

Verbal spat over proposed Computing Professionals Bill

PUTRAJAYA: The IT community did not mince words in expressing their opposition to the proposed Computing Professionals Bill 2011.

Many IT professionals present at the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry’s open day said they had not been consulted during the drafting of the Bill.

If you had consulted the larger community and included us in the drafting process from day one, this whole issue would not have blown up, said software developer Haris Fazila Jamil.

Another professional, who could not be identified, said the Bill would only allow people registered with the proposed Board of Computing Professionals to play an active role in application development.

People would not even be able to write code for fun if the Bill was passed, he said.

Others in the industry also felt that the Bill would do more harm than good in its current form.

But the panel, made up of four representatives from Pikom, the Malaysian National Computer Confederation and academia defended the draft.

They said the proposed Bill would not hinder wider participation in the IT industry, but encourage it.

Our intent is to allow (more people to practise IT), said Prof Zaharin Yusoff of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Datuk Dr Halimah Badioze Zaman, head of the ICT cluster at the National Council of Professors, said they welcome feedback from the IT community to help improve the Bill.

The draft of the Bill was released on the Internet on Dec 8, but no one has admitted to posting the 56-page document online.

It generated intense discussions on Twitter and Facebook.

The IT community can submit their suggestions and concerns over the proposed Bill to the ministry.

They can e-mail during a 30-day period allocated for the purpose which started yesterday.

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