Milo Champions Clinic - Miri Basketball Class 2018 - for kids from 7 to 12 years old


(Jackson Liaw) #1

Sharing this for the love of the sport. The Miri basketball clinic will be held at the following dates for kids age 7 to 12 years old:

4-Nov-18 Sunday
10-Nov-18 Saturday
11-Nov-18 Sunday
17-Nov-18 Saturday
18-Nov-18 Sunday
24-Nov-18 Saturday
25-Nov-18 Sunday
1-Dec-18 Saturday

Read it on Milo’s website the sign-up fee for the clinic is RM100 per individual, and jersey & sports equipment will be provided at the Hornbill Sports Miri venue. I think if your kid can do crossovers without looking at the ball, Idham (@iklas) may let you keep & bring home the basketball. :blush:

Those interested can get in touch with Idham (@iklas) or self sign-up at Milo’s website.

(iklas) #2

Hi, for more Detail or and question you can call 0198199779 coach idham thanks