Microsoft Security Essentials

anyone here using Microsoft Security Essentails? should i just use this and remove Avira AntiVir and SpyBot-Search&Destroy?

i am. and yea, to me its good enough :slight_smile: been using it for quite some time now. no problems so far :smiley:

I’d suggest you use MSE if you have genuine windows :slight_smile: or use Avast! 5 Free Antivirus(Just like a full internet security suite without firewall :)) Windows vista/7 firewall is enuf if ur behind a firewalled router.

Don’t use SpyBot Search&Destroy… It’s quite resource hungry… Ur better of with Malwarebytes anti malware Free(On-demand Scanner) use it once a month at least to make sure nothing passed ur Real-Time AV :slight_smile: