Meter snag for Miri taxis

Tuesday June 10, 2008
Meter snag for Miri taxis

MIRI: Thousands of taxis in Sarawak, and perhaps in other states, are facing an additional and previously unforeseen problem following the sharp increases in fuel prices.

Their passenger-fare meters can no longer be used because they were manufactured and calibrated when fuel costs less than RM1 a litre.

These locally-made meters need to be dismantled and sent back to the manufacturers for recalibration to reflect the latest fuel charges.

Miri Division Taxi Cooperative chairman Chang Jun Liang confirmed yesterday that all metered taxis were affected, regardless of whether they ran on petrol or diesel.

The taxi drivers are now quoting flexible and negotiable rates.

For example, a cabbie plying between Miri City and Kuala Baram would now quote RM35 each way.

Cabbies used to quote RM30.

Chang said passengers would not be forced to pay the extra if they refused.

We hope passengers would understand and be sympathetic to the taxi drivers. They must understand that the drivers do not earn any extra profit, he said.

har… Miri taxi got use meter meh? how come i dunno d

er… mostly charged by hw much it cost to reach de destination eh… also din see got meter…

all the taxi i ride in miri all use flexible and negotiable rates :lol:

nvr use d meter la

ask b4 u naik, can nego if u alwez kol d same driver