Meteor Shower in Miri

Is there gonna be a place to catch a glimpse of meteor shower in Miri?

Any meteor shower seekers out there? Any place to go. Read in News Straits Times there will be a shower again tonight. Would love to join if there are group of people going.


My friend caught this with his camera last week at Tusan Cliff, Sibuti there.

Last week? He must be very lucky to get this shot. Only one eh? So, i assume, it is not easy to spot one then. I thought shower should be more than one. Hehehehe… Anyway, thank you for sharing.

Last week was not the peak Perseid meteor shower. this week is so if sky clear up tonight or tomorrow night, you should be able to see more than 10 with unaided eyes or about a 100 with binocular.

Wow… I will be happy just to see just one but if i get to see more, i will be ecstatic.

Not sure if you guys notice the weather in Miri these few weeks. Sometimes the sky will rain heavily, strong wind blows out of no where and the sky cleared after that. Perhaps typhoon is coming soon… beware ya…

Hoping there will be no bad weather in Miri. Storm rain with thunders should be fine but more than tht. Let it not be happening in Miri.

Cant predict the weather these days. But still hoping to watch the meteor shower though. Fingers cross!

Last two nights I woke up twice before dawn to gaze up at the sky but it was cloudy, kind of disappointed. Some frogs at a nearby drain made some noise, as if to call upon the rain… I know patience is a virtue but somehow I got tired of waiting (with the annoying mosquitoes hovering around me) so I went back to bed. Last night I fell asleep soundly so didn’t get to do any star gazing. Hopefully I will get lucky in the next few nights and catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor. The last few years I did got the chance to see some shooting stars. I never fail to gasp whenever I see one. Such a lovely and magical sight.

additional info about Perseid meteor shower.

Great !!!.. where tbey got the info to take at Tusan Cliff? The next coming one we must know to experience ourself.

Great !!!.. where tbey got the info to take at Tusan Cliff? The next coming one we must know to experience ourself.[/quote]

Reading in the papers, to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower one should go to a dark place with no light pollution so i guess that is why he could get the shot.

Plus, one should wait until the moon had dimmed for a clearer view and search for every corner of the skies.

Note: Was sitting outside of my house after midnight but, unfortunately the clouds were too thick and i ended up yamning. Better luck tonight, hopefully.

I wonder whether tonight will be the night we can catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor? Sunny and cloudy. Hopefully, tonight the clouds will be washed away by strong wind but still clear night with stars! Hehehe…

It is very clear now but the moon is also very bright!! :frowning:

It’s called the Perseid Meteor Shower.

EDIT: Which was already mentioned by earlier posts. Sorry. Didn’t read carefully.

Forgot to mention; time for observing the perseid meteor shower is between 3:00am to 5:30am, northward direction.

So did anyone of you who stayed up see the meteor shower?

Really want to know.

Do you think, its still on tonight?! Its Friday and i can be an owl till dawn.