Merdeka Day Special

Vogons declared Earth no longer a planet

HIGH ABOVE MADAGASCAR - After weeks of sharp debate, the Vogon Constructor Fleet voted Thursday to revoke Earths planetary status.
Although this decision is by no means unanimous, the Vogons feel that Earth lacks the necessary characteristics to enjoy further classification as a planet, said Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, a captain with the fleet. Demolition will begin soon.

As the proper paperwork has already been appropriately filed, resistance is useless! Jeltz added.

Debate about Earths planetary status has raged in the intergalactic community since its construction approximately 10 million years ago. The enormous computer was frequently mistaken for a planet, and at one point was thought larger than Uranus. Further observations, however, revealed that the Earth had a single moon, which made it appear far more massive than it really was…

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