Men aren't bothered by sexily-dressed colleagues

A survey of more than 1,000 working professionals has revealed that more women than men are affected by colleagues who wear clothes that are too revealing to work.


In the survey, 57% of women are affected by clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate. Only 29% of men think that being too sexy at work is a problem.

According to the founder of Protocol Academy, Ms Zhang Si Li, clothes that are too revealing would consist of skirts that are too short, collars that go too low or bare-back tops.

Ms Zhang points out that while different work places have different cultures, the above mentioned clothing are too revealing no matter where you see them. This is especially so for low-cut dresses that expose the cleavage.

She suggests that women who don such dresses, whether due to evening dinners or functions after work, should cover up while still in the office.

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