Men & Women/ Boys & Girls

Can a man and a woman becomes friend only? Or can a boy and a girl becomes friend too? Why must make it so complicated?


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can… even grandpa still got contact with his secondary school friend which is a grandma liou … friend also leh

Can honda and nissan becomes friend only? :mrgreen:

Can. Why not?

Honda and Nissan always friends … its problem with Toyota and Honda always gaduh one …

female and male can be fren la… y not? i got so many female friends and who are close to me but we only good frens!!

well, it depend, sumtime ur mind can play tricks on ya…there is no visible rules saying tat boy and girl can only be fren or couple…just ur mind playing tricks… :smiley:

hehehe friends got friends limitation and personal space … some people’s comfort radius is bigger than others … get what i’m driting’ ?

Before things start to get complicated, you must know where to draw the line_____________________

Correct Me If I Am Wrong. But all depends on the thinking of that particular person…I would like to know why in the world that a man & a woman cannot be just friend…as what stupidhead said earlier.

and remember to put a BIG FULL STOP AT THE BACK !!!

Kinda up to personal reason i think … Sometimes we can’t be friends with somebody … girl or guy. For many 1000 reasons … heheheheh

This depends on the ‘male/female’ themselves…
If both think can, then no problem…
If one of them think cannot, then things just get complicated…

make clear with ur position. dun step over the line tat’s it.

I would say it always depends on the INTENTION!!
If intention is to be friend then YES…
But if not then being friend won’t happen.

yup intention also !! heheh

What is Friend???

friend is like me and you.