Memory Pricing Guide

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Herein we have a list of the best prices we can dig up on PC system memory, as well as the name and number of the vendor selling at each lowest price. We scour the “Price Engine” circuit to find the prices so do not be surprised if you cannot find as good a price as we do, or if you go to the vendor’s web site and they have a higher price. Usually you can just tell them you saw the listed price on the Sharky Extreme Weekly Memory Prices, or on Pricewatch. If they refuse to honor the price we dug up, please give us an e-mail as we’d like to hear about it.

Memory prices change frequently and the prices we obtain and post each week are a snapshot of the memory price market for a given moment in time. Prices go up and down daily. The “Change” column lists the price difference between this week and last week.

Incidentally, the list of companies is generated by hand from our own research and Sharky Extreme does not receive any sort of advertising fee, sponsorship or other type of promotional incentive from any of the companies that appear on the list. Before you think of buying from any of the vendors listed below, we recommend you do your own research concerning a particular company’s customer service and prior history. We are in no way recommending or endorsing any of these companies, we’re just bringing you prices and their sources. Buyer beware.

So use the following table as a reference guide of what is available but try not to grumble if you can’t find the memory of your choice at our listed price and bear in mind that the prices listed below do not include charges for shipping and/or sales tax.

Continuing the trends of our last Memory price Guide, we again see only small price fluctuations on SDRAM memory. We do have a couple of price increases this week, which consist of PC133 CAS3 128-MB rising $3 to $28 and PC133 CAS3 512-MB jumping $6 to $76 the last one providing one of the bigger price increases we’ve seen on SDRAM in quite some time. As usual, we have several modules that have dropped slightly in price over the last week. These three price drops only range from $1 to $2 and are all on PC133 CAS2 modules.

DDR-SDRAM prices really don’t offer up much in the way of activity this week. There is the usual assortment of nominal price changes (both increases and decreases) in the $1 and $2 range. These small price drops can be seen on both PC4000 1-GB and PC4200 256-MB, while we have a $5 increase on PC4000 256-MB and a $6 increase on PC4000 512-MB to report this week. DDR2 prices are stable and nothing too surprising has made its way in. We only have a few price fluctuations, including a $1 increase on DDR2-533 1-GB, a $2 increase on DDR2-667 512-MB, and a $4 cut to DDR2-667 1-GB.

This week we see quite a bit of movement in RDRAM prices. We have a few modules staying in that $1 price change range, but in addition, there is a $3 increase on PC800 256-MB, and a huge price drop on a PC1066 512-MB module. While most vendors were offering PC1066 at prices very close to our last guide, we did spot a couple of vendors who featured considerably lower pricing. While we won’t say the price of PC1066 512-MB (184-pin) will be here for long, right now consumers can take advantage of a $225 price tag, which represents a $22 drop.

Overall, this week we do see more price fluctuations than in the last update, resulting in additional price changes hitting above the $1 and $2 range, and with greater frequency. In terms of savings however, it isn’t good news. All the changes in the $3 to $6 range are increases, with the $4 drop on DDR2-667 1-GB being the lone exception. Of course, the $22 cut to PC1066 512-MB is of interest, but only to a niche market that is looking to upgrade older RDRAM-based systems.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your overall shipping costs when looking to buy online, as this is a smart way to lower the overall price you end up paying for system memory. Many vendors offer free or low-cost shipping based on a total sale price, so you might consider finding an upgrade buddy and placing a consolidated order to save a few additional dollars.

Memory Type Price Change Vendor Phone #
PC133 ECC 128MB $27 $0 PC Progress 888-727-7647
PC133 ECC 256MB $32 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC133 ECC 512MB $60 $0 Upgrade Solution 888-566-6066
PC133 CAS3 128MB $28 $3 ZipZoomFly 877-228-6958
PC133 CAS3 256MB $35 $0 Computer Giants 800-905-9885
PC133 CAS3 512MB $76 $6 NewEgg 800-390-1119
PC133 CAS2 128MB $48 ($1) PCNation 800-969-5255
PC133 CAS2 256MB $49 ($2) PCNation 800-969-5255
PC133 CAS2 512MB $90 ($1) PCNation 800-969-5255
PC800 128MB $41 ($1) Spartan Technologies 888-393-0340
PC800 256MB $78 $3 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC800 512MB $122 $1 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC800 ECC 128MB $42 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC800 ECC 256MB $78 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC800 ECC 512MB $121 ($1) Upgrade Solution 888-566-6066
PC1066 256MB 232 pin $62 $0 CompuVest 888-644-7017
PC1066 256MB 184 pin $110 $0 PCNation 800-969-5255
PC1066 512MB 184 pin $225 ($22) CompuVest 888-644-7017
PC2100 256MB $15 ($2) CompuVest 888-644-7017
PC2100 512MB $38 $0 NewEgg 800-390-1119
PC2700 256MB $18 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC2700 512MB $39 $0 Enet Marketing Inc. 866-850-3638
PC3200 256MB $21 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
PC3200 512MB $39 $0 NewEgg 800-390-1119
PC3200 1GB $81 $1 NewEgg 800-390-1119
PC3500 256MB $49 $0 XtremeGear 888-937-5580
PC3500 512MB $76 $0 PCNation 800-969-5255
PC3700 256MB $41 $0 ZipZoomFly 877-228-6958
PC3700 512MB $84 ($2) OEMPCWorld 408-261-3704
PC4000 256MB $45 $5 PCNation 800-969-5255
PC4000 512MB $105 $6 XtremeGear 888-937-5580
PC4000 1GB $121 ($1) Atacom Inc. 877-228-2266
PC4200 256MB $45 ($2) Spartan Technologies 888-393-0340
PC4200 512MB $100 $0 1st Choice Memory 949-888-3810
DDR2-533 256MB $22 $0 StarMicro 888-490-5566
DDR2-533 512MB $34 $0 Enet Marketing Inc. 866-850-3638
DDR2-533 1GB $65 $1 Enet Marketing Inc. 866-850-3638
DDR2-667 256MB $58 $0 PC Progress 888-727-7647
DDR2-667 512MB $55 $2 NewEgg 800-390-1119
DDR2-667 1GB $73 ($4) Enet Marketing Inc. 866-850-3638
DDR2-800 512MB $80 $0 PCNation 800-969-5255
DDR2-800 1GB $116 $0 NewEgg 800-390-1119

Why are some Memory Prices LOWER than the prices listed?
We’d like to take this opportunity to assure you that SharkyExtreme has no affiliation with any vendor listed in our guide, but our memory price charts do take more than just the basic dollar amount into consideration. Here are just a few examples to highlight some of the many things we keep in mind when compiling a price guide - which may translate into the price you see in our guide being different than one you find:

If Company A offers memory five dollars cheaper than Company B, but Company A charges a higher shipping cost we’ll use Company B’s lower overall price for the guide.
Some vendors may list, for example, a very inexpensive price on 512-MB memory, yet if you dig deeper into the description you’ll see this incredibly low price is for a kit (usually made up of 2x 256-MB modules).
Sometimes a price discrepancy is due to ECC and Non-ECC modules of the same memory type, with ECC normally being more expensive.
Some vendors will offer a low price that is only valid through a special order type. If the vendor says this price is good for MAIL or PHONE ORDERS only, we’ll skip it and choose the next lowest listing.
We don’t list prices on USED or REFURBISHED Memory. Some vendors don’t state in the main areas of their site that these are used or refurbished modules. We avoid listing those.
Since we don’t have a direct line to every vendor doing business online, so if you know of a company selling quality products at decent prices that isn’t making our price guide, feel free to drop us a line with the vendors URL, so we can check them out as well! Feedback (of any kind) on the Weekly Memory Prices is always read and appreciated!

Until next week - happy upgrading!

Vangie"Aurora" Beal
News & Interviews Editor