Member of Parliment speaks on empowering women in Parliament session

Datuk Ahmad Lai Bujang

MIRI: The government’s commitment to empowering women was among the issues Sibuti Member of Parliament Datuk Ahmad Lai Bujang spoke on during the current Parliament sitting.

Ahmad Lai said this is vital because many women are eligible to lead government and private organisations.

“I asked the government to see to the need for empowering women in rural areas and within their environment, what are their needs to further empower women’s abilities and also to increase their household income,” he said.

Ahmad Lai pointed out that various government incentives under Budget 2018 such as loans and specific provisions under 1Azam will also be distributed in Sarawak.

“But I feel that the federal government needs to look more in detail on how to raise the level of Sarawak Bumiputera,” he said.

“I gave an example such as business activities synonymous with women at the tamu, they are still unsure on the assistance and access to financial assistance that could enhance their businesses, while their Bumiputera peers in the peninsula have a lot of help from the government.”

Ahmad Lai said he also pointed out that drugs are increasingly spreading to rural areas.

“I requested that the Ministry of Youth and Sports have a specific formula for anti-drug campaign among youths and use the budget allocation for that purpose,” he said.