Mee kolok naik rm0.50 more?

hi all eaters in Sarawak,

started from today, all mee kolok sells at coffeeshop or hawkers or food court naik harga from 2day? anyone here noticed the rise of the price???

do u think is reasonable to rise price of mee kolok bcos of pork naik harga? Even we buy mee kolok, the pork in the noodles only a little bit! for wat i think it is unreasonable…for bumi & chinese… wat regard???..

pls comments here!..
It has been discuss at the above thread. Halal mee kolok lagik la mahal…

congrats to the rm500 receiver’s…its time we pay back…all essentials will increase 5%…if they cant increase the petrol price, it will be our daily products

Looks for discounts in GroupASave to save more ! :smiley:

Congratulation to BN Government, we are on the way to “high income” country, but of course “HIGHER EXPENSES” come first !

GroupASave gonna group buy kolomee or not? HAHAHAHA!

Use your BR1M to pay lah…

Not everyone has it.


Now which ■■■■■■■ voted for BN again? Thank you so much.

i guess blaming BN isnt helping much. As you know, PR percentage of votes won BN’s last election. I guess, its time for the rakyats to move into the KAWASAN PEDALAMAN to educate them on politics. WE SARAWAKIANS play an important role on BN FIXED DEPOSIT~!

the price of the raw kolo mee didnt even increase, i dont see the need to increase that 50 cents, unless the tauke thinks that his coffee shop business too good. increase the tax of number betting la, 10% to 20%, cause it doesnt effect the less and middle income group.

If you were mee kolok seller, would you continue maintain the price of kolo mee even the price of ingredients increased?

I don’t think so.

The price increase for Kolok Mee is ridiculous. A kilo of dry Kolok Mee can make profit of RM3.5/kilo based on average selling price of 7 plates.Does the meat increased by RM3.5 / kilo??? In average, Kolok Mee seller sell around 8-10 kilo per day easily. So a 10 kilo dry mee x 7 plates x 30 days x RM0.50 increase thus bringing addition income of RM1,0560.00/month.

58 Cafe nearby Country Chicken Rice still RM2.50 sedap lagi tu hahaha

how bout krokop 3 kolok mee?
2020 guang dong mee beside shang hai lou ?
disneyland nite time guang dong mee?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…most ppl in r so funny…
Kolok mee pun kena politic…after election u all r waiting for harga minyak naik to hantam BeEnd but harge minyak tak naik…
so dah takda modal u all hantam mee kolok…

p/s jgn kasi malu org Miri

The cafe beside Servay Morsjaya is still RM2.50!

semua naik, tapi gaji sik naik… malah makin turun… apa nak jadi… apu~~

List down all the shop that raised their price
Then lodge report