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welcome to the diablo gila gang, Vincool

lol…hahaha…gila ka…ermm i stil dont know which hero to choose base on the video on youtube i see…

monk seems like a nice character to play with. Fast attack speed with combos. Can group heal and combined with natural resistance, it’s quite a tanker with decent damage.

but demon hunter is like van helsing…so what u think on each heroes?[/quote]

doesn’t matter to me, because I plan to play them all… LOL…
but currently playing Barbarian and he is KICK-A**!!

Tony G / frostfall#6770 / Barbarian / US


[quote=“TonyG”]Tony G / frostfall#6770 / Barbarian / US


you ready to rock with us tonight, bro?

[quote=“DMsia”][quote=“TonyG”]Tony G / frostfall#6770 / Barbarian / US


you ready to rock with us tonight, bro?
I think so… but thinking again about the class, whether male or female :lol:

lol dm, u wat level now?

i can catch u tonite.

@Dornz, err… I think my barb is lvl 18 now, I think… but I Rather use my NEW hot and sexy sorceress to go kick… err, burn some demonic asses… LOL

@Tony, these are the things are found that I liked in choosing classes and sex…

Barb = Male, because female Barb looks too chunky to me.

Demon Hunter = Female HUNTER ROARRRRRRRRRRRR!! You don’t need to ask me why… haha

Monk = Female, rather alluring…

Witch Doctor = errr… not really like guy or girl, but I choose girl for the heck of it…

Sorceress :- FEMALE BABYYYYYY… again, don’t have to ask me why on this one… hehehe

Ohh damn, I think I want to use Female Wizard

i think im going to start over with Female Witch Doctor.

fadzero#6528 /demon hunter / america
/monk / asia

Server down right now… Time: 4pm - 12am (Local time) My God…


thats…really…a lot of time.

europe is on right now. was playing in it until 7 pm.

Jelri#6621 | Demon Hunter | US

Dornz, server down for maintenance again…


ok, I will try again in 30 minutes time…

go ME2 for the moment…

Dornz, or we play for fun in EU server?

Tried, Eu server ok, if you want, we can waste some time there, Dornz…

let’s rock.

what the diff btw this server??seem like i heard so many acc being hack now in us server n asia…any of u here being hack acc?

no hack… and hopefully not… I am in EU server now Dornz, no see you

belay that, US server back up… get in there, Dornz… haha