MCMC publishes antispam toolkit


Wednesday May 17, 2006

MCMC publishes antispam toolkit

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has published its Anti-Spam Toolkit.

The toolkit is the product of MCMCs collaboration with the Information Sharing Forum (ISF), whose members consist of various Internet service providers (ISPs) and other related agencies that address information and network security issues in Malaysia.

It is intended to be a source book containing the policy and regulatory framework, as well as the approach in curbing spam.

It also includes best practices and technical guidelines for organisations and users to take preventive and precautionary measures against spammers.

According to Adelina Iskandar, MCMCs head of corporate communications, spam has increased rapidly with the development of IT and the Internet.

It has moved from being just a nuisance to a serious problem because it interrupts work, spreads viruses, and infringes on privacy, she said.

To prevent the increased proliferation of spam, the Government as well as public institutions, general users and service providers must play their roles effectively in curbing this threat, said Adelina.

The target audience of the Anti-Spam Toolkit is corporate users, local learning institutions, government agencies, licensees and end users.

One of the objectives of the toolkit is to provide an overview on steps/solutions that can be deployed by users in their day-to-day usage of the Internet.

A soft copy of the Anti-Spam Toolkit is available for download at