Mclaren new car: MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C Driven by F1 Aces Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button

Nice 1~

epic. still prefer the zonda though :slight_smile:

i prefer Koenigsegg CCGT…:slight_smile:

zonda is sexier :stuck_out_tongue:

Pagani Zonda


[quote=“iamkroll”]Pagani Zonda

IT IS THE SEX![/quote]


Still prefer the original McLaren F1 :smiley:

second that. McLaren F1 is my all time favourite. much nastier look.

so cool n so handsome…

from the first model (C12) till the latest Zonda R, the shape doesn’t seems to change.

IMHO it looks outdated oredi. (only the looks lah, other than that it’s still a monster on the road :P)

and the MP4-12c has tooooooooooooooooooo many lines on the front and rear bumper vents.

[quote=“iamkroll”]Pagani Zonda

IT IS THE SEX![/quote]

carbon fiber body…SWEET!

I dont really like the pagani zonda looks…koneigsegg CCX looks nice BTW…sori if i say pagani looks not nice…jst my taste say tat is not nice :smiley:

Pagani Zonda F vs Koenigsegg CCX

is it just me?

the koenig roof+ windscreen looks like a full face helmet to me…

the zonda… yummy!

hehe its alright everyones entitled to their own opinion.

for me a supercar has to look exotic. the koenigsegg is FAST (faster than the zonda probably) but the looks isnt striking enough for me. the zonda is just a beauty to look at (both exterior and interior). to me its probably one of the best looking supercar to date. hehehe hamster would agree :smiley:

the MP4-12c reminds me of the audi r8. the front grille lines whatever u call it. overall it has a very conservative look.