MCC urged to take action against poultry-rearing at backyards

Roosters kept inside a coop behind a house in Taman Tunku.

MIRI: Democratic Action Party (DAP Pujut) is calling on Miri City Council (MCC) to take action against homeowners who rear poultry in their backyards after receiving complaints from the neighbours.

DAP Pujut chairman, who is former Pujut assemblyman, Dr Ting Tiong Choon said a house in Taman Tunku, for example, was found to have reared chicken and ducks for the past few years.

“It is an abandoned house but chickens and ducks are being reared in the compound. The neighbours complained about the nuisance caused by their constant clucking and squealing and the foul smell,” Dr Ting told a press conference at DAP headquarters here yesterday.

Dr Ting claimed that the residents had made numerous complaints to MCC and the Health Department but to no avail.

The neighbours, Ting said, complained of foul smell and noise pollution from the house.

“I contacted the Health Dept before but an officer told me that the matter falls under the purview of MCC.

“Hence, I am urging the council to take immediate action on this,” said Dr Ting.

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