MCC to come down hard on those behind illegal advertising materials

An MCC enforcement personnel removes an illegal advertisement in the city.

MIRI: Sterner action will be taken against owners or contractors of illegal advertising materials such streamers, banners, fishtails and others, if they continue to contravene existing by-laws, warned Miri City Council (MCC).

MCC in a statement yesterday said this was decided during its recent full council meeting, due to such activities becoming more rampant in the city.

“Prior to this, the council had carried out the removal and seizure of such illegal advertisements in public places. A total of 263 pieces were seized in October this year and about the same number was seized in November.

“Despite so, the situation now is seemingly getting out of control which is why the council has agreed that sterner action has to be taken against those involved, including the owners and contractors of such materials,” said the statement.

It said that under the Local Authorities (Advertisements) By-Laws 2012, any person who contravenes any provisions of the by-law or breaches any conditions stated on the licence, face being fined up to RM5,000 or jailed for up to six months.

In the case of a continuing offence, a further fine not exceeding RM200 will be imposed for each day during which the offence continues, it added.

MCC said recent inspections found that these illegal advertising materials were being nailed onto landscape trees, public utility poles and other public facilities.

“Apart from damaging the public properties, such irresponsible and illegal practices have caused littering and untidiness and affected the outlook of Miri City.

“Moreover, many of these illegal advertisements obstruct the view of motorists and could result in road accidents,” it said.

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