MCC all out to upgrade all 19 public toilets across Miri city

Yii points at the poster on the dos and don’ts when using the facility. With him are councillors from MCC.

MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) remains determined to upgrade all its 19 public toilets across the city.

According to Miri Mayor Adam Yii, upgrading works on three of the facilities – those at Jalan Brooke, Jalan Padang and Pujut Terminal Bus here – have reached completion.

“This is part of the council’s commitments. It is because these public toilets are not only used by the locals, but they’re also used by tourists,” he told reporters during a site visit to the MCC public toilet of Taman Jade Manis at Jalan Brooke yesterday.

Adding on, Yii said the upgrading works on these public toilets here would be conducted in phases. For toilets with high number of usage, he said they would under major facelifts, while those with less people, the priority would be on things that require immediate repairs or replacements.

Yii (right) and Councillor Dominic Nyurang Ajang inspect the public toilet at Taman Jade Manis.

In this regard, he called upon the project contractors to play their part in making this happen but at the same time, he also reminded members of public to use the facilities properly.

“The most important thing that we seek total cooperation from the public is to avoid vandalism of facilities provided by the council.”