May the economy be bullish, especially tourism — Mayor Lai

MIRI: Mayor Lawrence Lai hopes that the Year of the Goat will bring Miri a bullish economy, especially the tourism industry.

We also celebrate our 10th anniversary as a Resort City and Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015. I hope and pray that the Year of Festivals will be a successful one and boost Miris tourism industry, Lai said when met at the open house of Miri Chinese of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) on Thursday.

May the Year of the Goat be a successful year not only for Miri City Council (MCC) but the people and the city in general. We want everybody to be successful and happy throughout the year.

In this context, he called for some input and assistance including co-operation from stakeholders to portray the ambience of a resort city all year round.

We hope to have at least one or two events and programme every month catering to the needs and interests of everybody, turning Miri into a lively city, said Lai.

Lai said for Miris economy to get stronger and people to be successful, everybody has work as a team – stakeholders working with the government.

In this context, Lai encouraged more activities and tourism infrastructure and facilities for Miri and Ministry of Tourism to market and promote Miri as a tourist destination.

For the sake of the tourism industry, Lai called on the people to keep Miri City beautiful, clean and safe.

Thousands of people turned up at the chamber premises for the open house including Miri Resident Antonio Khati Galis and Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Suzanne Yii.