May 13 Part 2

Sunday, 14 March 2010 Super Admin

So, Umno, do what you must do. And if you want to start May 13 Version 2 then so be it. We are ready. The Chinese and Indians do not need to take to the streets. Stay indoors and lock your doors and windows. Let the Malays deal with this. We Malays will take on Umno in the May 13 version 2.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Below is a Bernama report with regards to an accident involving Tian Chuas car, which resulted in the death of a Malay soldier. And below that Bernama report is a posting by a pro-Umno Blog, Malaysia Instinct.
The Bernama report said that Tian Chuas car hit a motorcycle and the rider, a soldier, died. It seems the car went out of control. The driver of Tian Chuas car is Malay while Tian Chua was sitting in the back seat of the car.
Malaysia Instincts posting, however, is titled: Tian Chua bunuh askar Melayu (Tian Chua killed a Malay soldier). Malaysia Instinct goes on to say: Manalah kita tahu kan kot-kot Tian Chua sengaja membunuh askar berkenaan. (Who knows, maybe Tian Chua killed the soldier on purpose). It also asks: Sengaja dilanggar atau sebaliknya? (Was it on purpose or otherwise?)

If this was a posting by a pro-opposition Blog, rest assured the police would take action immediately. But since this is a pro-Umno Blog, for sure nothing is going to be done about it.

Tian Chua was not driving the car. His Malay driver was. In fact, Tian Chua was sitting in the back seat of the car. How could Tian Chua have killed a Malay soldier when he was not driving? And how could Tian Chua, therefore, have killed the soldier on purpose when he was not even in control of the car?

I really do not wish to comment any more on what Malaysia Instinct posted. You can read the rest yourself. Suffice to say that this is yet another of the many racial rhetoric that the Umno people are embarking on to fan the sentiments of the Malays.

It looks like these Umno Malays really want to see another race riot the likes of ‘May 13’ explode. They hope that if it does then the Malays who support the opposition would return to Umno and unite under the banner of Umno.

Does Umno really want to see another ‘May 13’ happen? Do they think that if it does happen then Umno will regain Malay support? This time, if another race riot does explode, it is going to be bigger and worse than what happened on 13 May 1969. That, I can assure you!

‘May 13’ was, in a way, an accident. It was not planned to be what it turned out to be. It was a scheme that went out of control, much to the horror of the planners who thought they could start a fire and then control it. But they could not control it. After it had been started they could no longer control it and it burned beyond the expectations of even the planners.

But now the people are ready. They know that Umno is fanning the sentiments of the Malays and is playing the race card to meet this objective. Malaysians are not going to be caught sleeping like they were on 13 May 1969.

Umno is playing a dangerous game. The next May 13 is not going to be the same May 13 as in 1969. This next May 13, if Umno succeeds in its plan, is going to be a civil war.

And it is not going to be a civil war of Malays versus non-Malays. It is going to be a civil war of Malays, Chinese and Indians versus Umno Malays. Yes, the Umno Malays are going to be alone against a united force of opposition Malays, Chinese and Indians. The Chinese and Indians from MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and so on will not come to Umnos aid. Umno is going to be left all alone.

Take it from me that the Chinese and Indians from the non-Umno component parties in Barisan Nasional will abstain and will not participate in the next May 13. They will lock their doors and windows and will stay indoors and will not take to the streets. Only the Umno Malays will be on the streets. And the Umno Malays will not be facing the Chinese and Indians. They will be facing a united force of Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Umno, make my day. Try it. Try it and see what happens. Since 1999, Umno has been threatening the Chinese and Indians with another May 13 if they support the opposition. And the threat was made live on television during the launching of the Barisan Nasional election campaign in the Bukit Jalil Stadium in November 1999.

In 1999 it worked. The Malays voted opposition while the Chinese and Indians stayed with Barisan Nasional out of fear. The fact that Umno sent army trucks to patrol the Chinese and Indian areas made it more worrying for the non-Malays to give their vote to the opposition.

But on 8 March 2008 that all changed. The Chinese and Indians no longer feared Umno. They did not worry about another May 13. They knew that if another May 13 does happen it would no longer be Malays versus Chinese and Indians. It would be Umno versus Malays, Chinese and Indians. That was why the non-Malays took that bold step to vote for the opposition.

So, Umno, do what you must do. And if you want to start May 13 Version 2 then so be it. We are ready. The Chinese and Indians do not need to take to the streets. Stay indoors and lock your doors and windows. Let the Malays deal with this. We Malays will take on Umno in the May 13 version 2.

But of course, if you want to join us you are most welcome. Then we will kick Umnos arse and bury them in their graves once and for all. Then Malaysia will thereafter be a very peaceful country with no more threats of another May 13.

You stop the plague by killing the rats. So you need to stop the plague of racism by killing the Umno rats. There are no two ways about it.

Maybe we do need another May 13 after all. We need another May 13 to prevent any further May 13s from ever happening in future. As they said in Europe 100 years ago: a war to end all wars. Do we also need a May 13 to end all May 13s?

The ball is at Umnos feet. It is their call. Sekiranya saudara jual, maka saya beli. Dont keep talking about May 13. We are tired of your threats. Just do it. Do it and see what will happen. This time we are ready, not like last time in 1969.

No worries over here in sarawak. Only peninsular will have this kind of ■■■■.
But I dont think UMNO will risk carrying out a race war, they arent as powderful (lol intended) as they used to be.
More like propaganda.

You will never know what those rabid minds are up to or thinking. Desperate times call for desperate measures…anything goes to hold on to power…malaysia boleh!

‘may 13th part 2’ will be a flop sequel just like the ‘sodomy part 2’ sequels.

however ‘bn entombed’ ( coming soon ) will be an all time smash ( house full ) box office hit :slight_smile:

well the 1st tmie it happenned, ( I’m recalling what my dad told me as he was in the navy and had first hand info from the marine radio) it was becos UMNO lost and then it started in Kampung Baru, cos the “melayu” cant take it losing. Only diff this time it would be a civil war while we all stand aside and watch them destroy themselves. I’m hoping to see UMNO / BN lose in the next election but I guess only time will tell.

Yes, it should be a lesson to learn and hope there’s no version 2
doesn’t matter how it started… or could it be prevented? They are history to learn so tht such voilent doest not repeat. if it does happen, it shouldn’t allow to cause any innocent lives.

Such words can really create uncertainty and anxiety amongst the people.

I agree with united84, its propaganda.

He commands a lot of readers and he loves to post sensational forecasts and scenarios to stir up anger and dissatisfaction of the people. Of course we are all entitled to our opinions but it is really up to our own judgement to believe or put aside these articles.

[quote=“ghost”]imagine there’s no broadband, no internet, no online blog, no online news, we’re all depend on utusan malaysia, berita harian and all the mainstream newspaper, how many of you here would be conned to believe that tian chua killing the soldier purposedly. actually it was his driver carelessness. imagine this incident spark a racial riot. of what to be a reckless driving accident becoming a cina bunuh melayu thing. thing could get serious. and bang! before u knew it, another may 13. people were drag and conned into participating a racial riot which shouldn’t even be happening. but of cos, this incident could only happened if it happen in the 60s or early 70s or mid 80s.

it’s 2010, i doubted our society nowadays are that still stupid. but of cos, out of dozen, there’s always a few stupid one. for they choose to be stupid

malaysia instinct should be banned for not reporting the truth. in fact it spread lies under the broad daylight. it’s like his wearing a t-shirt with words printed big big “i lie and and spread racial hatred on purpose” the writer should be charged for writing irresponsibly and twisted the real fact in broad day light. but then again, nothing was done on him.

and yet u people are so happy umno is entering sarawak. if umno masuk sarawak, this is exactly the sh*t u’ll get. lies, twisted fact, more lies and more twisted fact. sure umno give u people candy and sweet. in fact they give out irresponsibly, consumption of candy irresponsibly lead to diabetes and obesity. and yet u think umno is so good, so generous, always give candy. what u don’t know, they make u fat and obese[/quote]
Well said. Let them know the world dont go around them. They cant have what ever they want all the time.

no guarantee umno will not enter sarawak once taib gone.