Max Payne the Movie updates

Teaser poster. Almost looks like the original game cover.

loved the game … played it over and over and over … my expectation is high for this movie

cool~ man… rabbitx u play pc game ha?

can you feel the pain! MAX PAYNE! Yeah! i love that bullet time effect in the game.

a lot of matrix move. Love it.

Play this game before :mrgreen:

I played this game before…its almost similar with Matrix effect, i hoped the the movies more better than the game

loved the story line and the story-telling method in the game … it works because the story was great and still is …

Hitman was hot… this one looked nice too… :slight_smile:

As long as the name “Uwe Bolle” isn’t on this movie anywhere, it should be good.

very good movie indeed, look like it have continuation to this story…

Apparantly, this movie sucks…

the movie with Prison Break actor., LUPINO

i wan natasha

:expressionless: a disappointment…

they review is not d same wit all viewer

watch 1st complain later
but video game-turned-movie seldom turn out good/ decent

i am definitely waiting for this movie! Love this game a lot man!! Those matrix moves!!

this movie already on screen

in cinema?

miri not sure, but i watched last week at west msia, keke. Want me give u summary about the movie so u can save some $$ for cinema. keke