Mawi and Ina

I watched their show yesterday in Astro Ria and RTM 1.I wonder the producers of these Tv stations has lost ideas how to promote their TV stations

How low they can go?..they used Mawi’s publicity and must have paid both these youngsters to participate in the show.This is was really discusting to watch a live show for 2 n 1/2 hrs about thier personal life and why the couple 7months relationship was broken… :shock: :shock: …I felt nauseated so I turn the channel to TV3…what did I see?..another live show on Siti’s wedding… :shock:

Well you guys will tell me,if you don’t like it…you can switch off the TV…If I did that…I couldn’t be writing about it now… :lol: :lol:

Being Merdaka celeberation time,I would have been more happy to watch some shows on Merdeka,about how Kuching is getting prepared,interviews with older generations of thier experience of getting Independance.

Yesssss Mr Bones…i totally agree wt u on tis…wat happen 2 Msian nw!!! If it is wsnt bcoz of tis Independence thgy, Mawi wud nt b as popular as tis n same goes wt CT, she wudnt hv a ‘Wedding of d Decade’…:roll:

Wedding of the decade…? Thought just a simple wedding with many RM signs only…

I agree, Merdeka month should have been more on …the struggles of gaining independance and the fight to retain it.

I agree with all of you.

I think for this year, the Sarawak did not get enough coverage as it would be in Putrajaya.

Happy Merdeka days guys.


I agree…it was wedding in MANY RM…I just saw the breakdown…the 3 wedding ceremonies were estimated to be around 13 million…( most of the things were from sponsors)…can anyone tell me how many zeros are there after 13…I can’t dream of this figures in my lifetime… :frowning: :frowning:

How niece if this couple had really simple wedding and used the money to help the needy children and sick…It would have been still considered wedding of the year…

Ter goes d fans $$ 4 d 3 wedding ceremonies…it wud b more meaningful if CT ‘spend’ d $$ 2 charity bodies in Msia as her wedding gifts…i bet she wud gt a ‘title’ on her good deeds instead of ‘tumpang title’ frm Dtk K… :wink:

Same goes wt Mawi & Ina…d media is tkin ‘advantage’ of their personal life n both of 'em r mkin $$ out of it as well…gossshh is tis Msian way of gettin ‘recognition’ nowadays!!! :frowning:

Mawi & Ina…, I don’t see any solid reason for both of them to openly revealed about their personal matter on air to public. Yet, the engagement terminated like 7 months ago, if I’m not mistaken. So what is there more to discuss about? Let it be, move on with life and let time heal the broken hearted as for Ina. C’mon la, bunga bukan sekuntum & kumbang bukan seekor. He just doesn’t see the best in you and doesn’t mean that you are nothing or nobody. Everyone are special in their own way and so are you and better call off the engangement now then divorce half way marriage because somehow things doesn’t work out and that fact is even eat you alive.

My 2 cents*. :slight_smile:

hmm…she is coming out with an album…maybe …using it to see whether ppl will her album…publicity…(sorry if spelling is wrong).