Mattress hygiene care

If I’m going balik kampung and lots of dust after left for 2 weeks, idk why but when I sleep at my bed now I always have itchy nose and eyes but I think I clean it carefully and its really clean. Does anyone know how to help me with this situation? I read that baking soda could help but idk how to use it to clean bed with it?

This is a real problem for us who need to left the house for few weeks for some reasons and we think is troublesome to do the cleaning ourselves

Mattress hygiene is real important things, i do face same problem with TS and searching for the solution

I use coway service before, i realise the vacuum is really powerful, the suction to get the mites and dust on the mattress is really quick and i didnt know it could be that bad. so glad that im calling them to help with the mattress

If you looking for mattress service you can look up to coway, they really do make sure to care our mattress in a good details

They provide such a good service to make sure the dust and bacteria get rid off with their uv light. This why they have 7 steps to follow to make sure the mattress is in good condition

Yes previously i see this clip too when look up for mattress service and then i choose to call up coway to use their service

maybe can try to spray some febreze on the mattress or leave it under the sun

and i heard that the service is good, just as what is expected for a big brand like coway

yes that is one of the reason i use their service continuously. they provide yearly subscription in such a good price!

ikr! its bcoz the 7 mattress care steps coway are applying, that can thoroughly clean and sanitize bacteria, dust and mites

i bet there are! especially they produce a real good product like water filter so the service must have been top tier too

yes previously they have water filter and now they have mattress service, their service is good and affordable enough to use. this service can be use on any kind of mattress even for baby or single bed

yes they do at the last step of the mattress service, for the purpose of killing the bacteria