MASwings celebrates 9th anniversary

MASwings celebrates 9th anniversary

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Saturday 17-Dec-2016

KOTA KINABALU:MASwings celebrates its 9th year anniversary this year by focusing on more activities and initiatives with Sabah and Sarawak Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) staff.

The first activity started with MASwings STAR Search Audition on 3 December 2016 with a total of 10 uprising talent performing their best that night.

There were amazing voices, from ‘Rock Kings’ to ‘Pop Queens’ competing for the Top 5 spots before representing at the Finals, which expected to happen sometime next week.

The excitement continued on morning of 4 December 2016, with a bowling competition.

Thirteen teams of four from various stations across Sabah and Sarawak participated in the event which filled the bowling alleys with roars of support and laughter.

Some team even came dressed to win with matching attires!

And finally, ten teams of seven from across stations, including one all-lady team, gathered in Miri for a good game of Futsal on 10 December 2016.

The court was booming with team spirit and cheers of support for their friends and colleagues.

It has been an exciting two weekends, and a heartwarming experience to see staff across division supporting and collaborating with each other through the games – a great reminder as to how Malaysians should be and treat each other even during time at work.