Masterroom needed in morsjaya/pin fook garden

HI,i am devi.
my fiance and myself are very much are in need of a master bedroom
FURNISHED and rental between RM300-350 please
inclding utility or not is optional (a blast if it is)
we are newly registered students in riam tech and planning to be here for the next 2-3 years
we are hoping for
a nice homely.matured eviroment possible with tv for we have astro

half of the time we x be home
because we are planning to get a part time job

but we request that privacy is to be granted,for it is utmost important to us.
that is all we ask privacy.
we are higenic,
therefor landlord has no worries of an unkept house,for we x let that happen at all

at all if there is such an available property please call us at

devi - 019-9195839
varmen - 013-698-6227

Hi Devi…
Where do u from & what course r u taking?
I’m Riamtec student too…
Registered in Jan’08…
Next Monday start school le…
Hope 2 hear from u again soon… :mrgreen: