Massive Failure Rate For Xbox 360 Exposed

By David Richards | Thursday | 21/06/2007

Retailers are claiming that Microsoft has had to handle a failure rate of over 30% with their Xbox 360 console. More than 100 consumers have written to SmartHouse complaining of either poor service from Microsoft or total failure of their gaming console. One consumer was even given back a refurbished unit in exchange for their original Xbox console

Several months ago SmartHouse raised the issue of potential problems with the Xbox 360 after several readers wrote to us complaining of persistent failures. Even one of our testing Xbox 360 systems that we use to review software failed and had to be returned to Microsoft for repair. Other consumers have complained of sending off their Xbox for repair only to get a different re furbished unit back.

During the past few weeks SmartHouse has received email after email from Xbox 360 owners complaining of problems. Ironically a lot of the problems seem to appear after 12 months of use.

Steve & Jo Kitcher wrote" Just to let you know that after 13 months, just outside of warranty, I have the “rings of death”. Next step for me is to find out repair cost and contemplating going to PS3"

Ron Harris wrote “I have had my Xbox 360 exactly one year and now I have got the ring of death and it won’t even boot up”.

Andrew & Kathryn Smith of Sydney claim to have had a torrid time with Microsoft over the failure of their Xbox 360.

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Waiting for the 65nm version. PS3 too expensive at the moment.