Masitah Deli, your son needs you

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Mohammad Amirinarifin

MIRI: Mohammad Amirinarifin Abdullah, 14, is searching for his biological mother Maryln Yusuf to assist him in his adoption process.

Maryln left Amirinarifin with one Masitah Deli of Kampung Muhibah, Ladang Tiga, Bekenu when he was a baby, and she (Maryln) has never returned since.

Amirinarifin is cared by his adopted family who are saddened by the fact that all their previous attempts to obtain those important documents from her have failed.

Masitah’s brother Amrullah is appealing to the biological mother of Amirinarifin or anyone who knows her whereabouts to contact him at 014-3998803.

“Amirinarifin really needs help to get his adoption process done. That is why we need his biological mother to contact us as soon as possible,” said Amrullah.