Masing wants review on state’s position in Malaysian

[size=150]Masing wants review on states position in Malaysian federation[/size]

I’m totally in agreement with his statement, kudos to our Senior Minister for speaking out on the matter
[size=150] “agi idup agi ngelaban”[/size]
Is Sarawak one of the 14 states or one of the four regions which signed the Malaysia Agreement.
If the federal leaders cannot answer this question, the people of Sarawak will continue to be left out in terms of development funds, Masing told The Borneo Post at his residence here yesterday.

Sarawaks position in the Malaysian federation should be reviewed from the historical aspect, says Minister of Land Development Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing.
He said unless the issue was addressed urgently, the BN might have to fight an uphill battle in the next state election scheduled in 2016 and the parliamentary elections scheduled in 2018.

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Our beloved Mr. Taib say nothing yet so this Mr Masing say anything also become “Useless”. :slight_smile:

allo…(knock, knock)

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr, sekarang baru bangun tidor ka…? :roll:

Useless Politician made useless statement. He just want to make himself known to Najib so he can get some kangtouIf he is for the people of Sarawak, he would have joined the opposition party.


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