MAS: No sky-high in-flight meal costs


MAS: No sky-high in-flight meal costs
By Doreen Leong

Nasi lemak served on Malaysia Airlines in-flight meal costs the national carrier between RM5.85 and RM36.78 per passenger depending on the types of sambal used and flight class.

For a variety of premium brands of tea produced locally and imported, the cost is between 11 sen and 60 sen per serving, while the cost per coffee-bag was between RM1.36 and RM3.20 depending on brand and weight.

This is the first time that MAS has revealed the costs of its in-flight meals. A few years ago, there were rumours that MAS’ per serving of nasi lemak or each simple souvenir cost it “hundreds of ringgit”.

In a statement yesterday to refute recent local news report that MAS incurred high costs for supply of its in-flight meals, the national carrier said the RM3.20 coffee-bag is equivalent to seven cups of coffee.

It said nasi lemak is one of its “signature” dishes and the options include nasi lemak with sambal sotong, sambal udang or sambal ikan bilis.

MAS said in its new service delivery (NSD) and trolley services, the cost of nasi lemak per passenger is between RM15.97 and RM36.78 for its first class and business class.

It said NSD is a new service where food is prepared in the galley by cabin crew and served directly to first and business class passengers, with emphasis on meal presentation.

MAS said the nasi lemak served in a casserole to business and economy class passengers cost between RM5.85 and RM7.13 per passenger.

We are able to keep these costs low as the suppliers provide their products at subsidised prices in return for the brand recognition they get by associating with a five-star carrier like MAS, it said.

MAS said they provide five-star service to its passengers at competitive costs, including in-flight entertainment and food and beverages.

MAS said the costs for tea and coffee, and nasi lemak were lower or comparable with the same served at top-quality hotels and restaurants.

Overall, our meals are prepared under strict supervision for high standards of cleanliness and quality control, MAS said in a statement.

We also wish to reassure our customers that whilst we are prudent in our expenditure for frontline service, we do not compromise on the quality of our products and services, both in-flight and on ground, it added.

MAS said the need for gourmet coffee and tea was necessary for its customer service and to sustain its competitive standards.

MAS said the need for gourmet coffee and tea was necessary for its customer service and to sustain its competitive standards.[/quote]

The ‘gourmet’ coffee and tea, as I recall - was barely acceptable by Miri Coffeeshop standards too.

RM35 for Nasi lemak… you gotta be kidding… I get better Nasi Lemak from Nagaliar in town, and its only RM3.30.

They based it on the calculation that when its delivered with expensive jet fuel at 380mph at an altitude of 20,000ft, you can bet it’s gonna cost RM35.

That’s why…

MAS making big loss, while the company which cater for the flight food makes BIG $$$

Proton making big loss, while the company supplies the parts… are also making BIG $$$… anyone check the backgrounds of those lower stream companies…

During my school times, we also learnt that if your luggages are overweight, you can always ‘runding’ with MAS personnel (runding …runding…hehe…) … now that AirAsia personnel will tell you MUST pay according to every 1KG overweight luggages, because the inaccurate weight key-into their system wil lead to misjudge during pilot take off.

Ask your friends or anyone who work with AirAsia… they went for training so frequent and every course they take will only valid within 2 years… keep updating them with the latest infor and skills…

where do you get this such stupid price?? Well da… i’m working in airlines food catering … there is no such thing Nasi Lemak RM32.60. It’s not only Nasi Lemak lar there is some other meals too. Plus food handling, and the service that they charge you …

I think the above statement says it is based in the airline…not the catering lar sobz…I think in flight different price eh…

oopsss sorry … I’m quite blur today cuz not enough sleep so every stuff tat i read gonna be chaos heheh!! but if I compare MAS and Air Asia. They charge u a lot on food I mean the pricing, I can buy a lot of food in Air Asia instead LOLz

yup…choices are more better for airasia…also costly…just that yang rugi…the one who pay full price for the Airfair…