MAS Flight MH2926 delay three times in a row

This is happen on 29 July 2006 which is my flight from Miri to Kuch …
at first MAS people called me to inform me that flight to Kuch at 5:35 delay to 655pm. but then when i’m going to check in they said delay again to 725. luckily the provide some free food at Malaysian Wok we can choose anything we want.

By then they start to buat hal again they extend our depart time 740pm. darn it’s totally uncool cuz there are 3 flights depart from miri on the same hour at once … KL, KK and Kuch/JB

i dunno what happen to MAS lately … frequent delay flight to Kuch

Maybe they are starting to feel the strain already having too small for the third busiest aiport in Malaysia…was it still the every five minutes landing expectancy nowadays??

I think they’re now having 5-minutes fly-swatting expectancy

yeah, flight from Kuching to Miri also delayed from 730pm to 930pm.


MAS will usually only fly when fully booked, due to the increased fuel levies. A half full/empty plane will run at a loss, so to delay a flight gives them the option to fill the plane or at least get more passengers on board. I had the same problem flying from Penang to KL the flight was cancelled. Then flying from KL to Sydney the plane had 300 empty seats! yes 300 empty seats… They would have lost big time on that flight, and it will only get worse. I will be traveling to London with MAS in the next 2 weeks and the fuel taxes are $Au 600.00 thats around Rm 18.000

i think it is not fair to put our own conclusion regarding the delay…did they give any explaination why the flight is delay?

They said technical fault and they had to switch plane

guess what the co-pilot said inside the flight. We appologise for the delay. because we encounter problem on the KLIA communication. and some technical problem happen in KL. That’s totally wierd. I think I should used F50 by yesterday.

But luckily it’s not like Air Asia king or queen of delay. I hate delay. But i was lucky to get a free refreshment and some of them manage to get free dinner. That is totally awesome dude

The flight is delay because The MAS people is lazy!!!

Well I guess its better to have the delay than have the engine fall off mid-flight…

matrempit, how can you leave comment like that? One of your friends or relative family members might be working with MAS.

I think MAS must have a 12" spanner stuck some where in the propellers and it took them time to open the outer casing to reach that spanner inside without the right tool to open the nuts in the outer casing, such as the only spanner. They probably have 1 spanner in their workshop but how come it got stuck in there? ANSWER THAT, IAN!!! :twisted:

So that’s where it went. Been looking for it.

We can’t blame 100% on MAS cuz maybe the communication between them and the airport terminal got some problem plus Kuching wheather is unpredictiable not like in Miri. Summer almost all the time heheheee …

Air Asia is still the KING of DELAY wanna know why … they lambat sikit depart from that airport, semua flight yang seterusnya turut delay … they do not want to pay for the Airport Rental fee …

tat is what i’ve heard lar