MAS' 50% discount is for private students too

PETALING JAYA: The Higher Education Ministry has clarified that the special airfare rebate of 50% on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flights is open to private university students too.

In a statement Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said that the offer is given in conjunction with the start of the new academic term in June and July.

It is open to students at both public as well as private universities as well as those studying in polytechnics and community colleges and is valid until July 31 for all domestic destinations.

To receive the rebate, students must make their reservations early, at least five days before their expected flight date.

AirAsia is also having a special fare for students departing from Kuala Lumpur or Johor Baru to Sabah or Sarawak.

The cost is between RM69 to RM99.

However the fare does not include taxes, surcharges and other fees.

For those flying AirAsia, they must make their reservations between June 21 and July 9 and fly between June 29 and July 16.

Theymust also purchase their tickets at least seven days before their flight dates, said Mustapa in the statement.

He noted that the discounted tickets came as a result of a meeting between student leaders and the deputy prime minister as well as discussions between his Ministry and the two airlines.

I would like to thank MAS and AirAsia for giving these offers to students, said Mustapa.


But this special fare are only for certain selected universities only.

Really?? If it’s true thn it’s nt fair 4 othr private institutions…

Yes. Only 20 selected universities students are eligible for the special fare and all are public universities. Private University are not in the list…

Wonder wat cud d reason bhind tis…

Probably they thought tht all private universities’ students are rich and able to pay the expensive air fare… :roll: