Mary Kay Party

[size=150]Looking for a fun way to enjoy a little girl-time?
Wanna enjoy free makeovers?
Then bookmark this page![/size]

[size=150]We are a team of Mary Kay Beauty Consultants in Miri, and we would like to invite all ladies to join us in beauty programs that we are going to conduct, such as:[/size]

[size=150]1. White Party
2. Pink Party
3. Colorful Party
4. Lip Party
5. Menicure Party
6. Pedicure Party
7. Makeover Party
8. Skincare Class
9. Intensive Personal Makeup Class
10. Facial Class for Business

[size=150]and many more!!! You can also be the hostess for the Mary Kay party. Invite your girlfriends and contact us to schedule the fun! As a hostess, you’ll be showered with lots of free gift![/size]

[size=150]Email for more details![/size]

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