Martial arts

Hey people, i was wondering if there are any dojos or gyms in miri for martial arts such as muay thai, kung fu, brazillian jujitsu, etc


for sure no muay thai or bjj.but kung fu maybe yes but dont think there is any dojo

Karate, Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo only i know have in Miri… that was at Kelab Shell Lutong now known as Kelab Rekreasi Petronas. Still have maybe?

there’s a gym at saberkas provides muay thai…

i only saw aerobics

yong chun at krokop 1

kendo at Thai Poo Association/Tadika, near the Red Cresent Miri( on the left side entrance of Red cresent).

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

is there any place in miri where I can practice tricking/freerun/acrobatics?

is there any gymnastics centre? a sports hall with a spring floor? a dojo with soft ground?

that’d be awesome

I’d be interested if there are any places in Miri to practice/learn acrobatics/gymnastics/parkour stuff too. learning by myself through youtube can be rather painful.
stryke, are you interested to start classes? lol