Marketing Opportunity

An opportunity exists to earn money by marketing via online or offline methods. No investment is required on your part - you earn a share of all revenues for lifetime.

Online marketing is via website or email. Offsite marketing is via leaflets and flyers. These can be downloaded from the web for you to printout as many as you need. You will be given your own personal marketing account which you access via the web. This is completely confidential if you prefer.

Time requirement is up to you. Some merketers work full-time and some only a few hours per week. Some successful marketers have become millionaires.

The product is the growing market in online poker and/or casinos. All you do is direct people to the official websites and that is it. If they join then you automatically get paid into your account directly from the poker Comany. Payment to you is instant.

The online gaming market is growing rapidly in SE Asia so there is plenty opportunity to increase sales.

Any enquiries, please email me at I will be happy to explain further and create your online account. After that it is up to you to do as little or as much as you want.

how old r u? have you only started to use internet lately? the so call “product” was long available since internet became affordable and accessible to everyone. Banner in personal website, selling spaces in personal website, spam mail and most recently, selling pixel in a pixel box (if i got the name correctly). i bet you already have any account. all you need now is ppl using u as their reference and you can earn some money. another multi-level internet marketing. :evil:

I’m afraid you are incorrect. My personal website is where I do my own marketing. What I was offering was for others to join and market either via their own websites or by offline methods.

Feel free to go to my website and join poker sites from there, but that is not what I was advertising.