Marco Robinson to give free seminar on financial freedom

Marco Robinson

KUCHING: Discover the secret of being successful at entrepreneur and author Marco Robinson’s free seminar, detailing his journey to financial freedom.

Scheduled to be held on April 1 at Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel, Robinson will describe at length his rise to success by giving the underprivileged and persecuted a second chance.

For the best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur, his desire to fight for success started with saving his mother from living on the street, and it didn’t stop there.

Robinson has just completed filming ‘My Great Property Giveaway’ with Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and has spent the last 12 weeks finding the most deserving people to give a home to.

He was willing to give one of his properties, mortgage free, to a deserving underprivileged family and has helped a Syrian asylum seeking family find sanctuary in their own home and help them find peace.

The 48-year-old owns over 100 properties and has a net worth that ranks him as a self-made millionaire.

At the age of two, Marco had already come face to face with traumatising and turbulent times at home. His father was a gambler, and his mother had to leave the marriage to live on the streets.

He moved to 35 schools before he was 10 and dropped out of school at 15 to get a cleaning job.

With nothing but a beat up Volvo and laptop to his name, Marco wrote his first book, ‘Close the Deal & Suddenly Grow Rich’, which chronicled his life as a salesperson . It went on to become a best seller.

Dumbfounded by its success, but barely surviving on its royalty, Marco began asking himself how he could become a millionaire.

Using his intuition to guide him, history to forewarn him and open mind to constantly push him, he made a personal fortune of $12 million in 2009 from developing the first Vacation Incentive Company in the world and attracted big clients such as Citibank, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others.

Today, after decades of struggle and disappointment, Marco has made his name as a multimillion dollar property investor who is now on a mission to help people change their lives.

He has been invited to speak at numerous events on the public speaking and motivational talk circuit, made countless appearances in a number of radio and television networks in the United Kingdom and is no stranger to the pages of renowned publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

His second book ‘The Financial Freedom Guarantee’ is an award-winning retirement plan that outlines the strategies adopted by him to amass his own fortune in property.

Robinson is also the winner of the I-Property People’s Choice Best Real Investor 2016 and creator of the hit TV show ‘My Great Property Giveaway’.

For more information on Marco, visit Those interested to attend the seminar can contact Suzzanne at 012-6222997 or email

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