Maps of Miri

Have plotted the roads and some places of Miri in Google Earth file using an old GPS handheld. So those who are using Google Earth will be able to view the file attached below.

If you don’t have Google Earth, you don’t know what you are missing! Download the free version at Then download and run the file below. If you want to read a simple review I wrote about this application, you may access the article here:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Would love to continue adding more things into the file for everyone to use. Sadly the satellite photo of Miri is still not that detailed yet.

Found some good updated maps scanned by and would like to share it with everyone here. By the way, if you have any good maps of Miri (be it in other formats such as .TAB, .SHP, .KMZ, .MIF, etc) please feel free to share it with the community. Of course, please ensure the owner of the data agrees with the submission too! :smiley:

Google Earth have a better version of Miri :wink: Check it out!

Ulih Peda Bumbung rumah Mac. ngena Google Earth :smiley:

Yaka??? Wasehhhh… which one?

Depan tangki ai lama. :smiley:
Bisi meda nuan?
Rumah bilik “b” Loji Ai Batu Niah :lol:

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Yes, Google Earth surely has a better satellite map of Miri compared to the tourist map above. In fact, I’ve created a compiled placemark file of Miri for everyone to download and use here. Should you have interesting placemarks which are not in the file and you want to it be compiled with the rest, you may share yours by emailing it to me & I’ll get it inserted. Thanks again. :smiley:

bumbung aje ke?
keni marudi olih ke langkau umai kami? :roll:

My location…

bumbung aje ke?
keni marudi olih ke langkau umai kami? :roll:[/quote]

Apoo Bahkiz…baka gaya pejalai nuan unggal ka ngema ujyut nyin peda aku…kini ka nuan…enti ngambi entimun di umai,nyangkung aku auk…

Found some more nice maps of Miri from Thanks to Ian for the permission & generosity to share it with everyone. :smiley:


sorry… i’m new to

just saw your uploaded data for google earth.

just wondering where do i go to learn on how can i learn more abt working/upload & download data to my GPS device


Hi Renjer,

Firstly, welcome to! :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for the guys in keyhole to update their database for quite sometime already. I have submitted our Miri placemarks months ago and it is only now it is appearing in Google Earth Community layer.

Personally I haven’t try out the Google Earth Plus (the annual paid version) which allows download of GPS data directly from your Garmin or Magellan devices to PC. What I have here are existing targets & polylines extracted from my GPS handheld into MapInfo. Then from there, I found a export tool in MapInfo’s community which allows direct conversion of existing targets/polylines into Google Earth’s .kmz which is in XML format. So, from the exported file, I brought it into Google Earth, edit them a little to include the texts and images, then save them again.

If you already have Google Earth Plus (or planning to get it for about USD 20 per year or something), then you’ll need to read up at:

I’ve tried Google Earth Pro (trial version) but that time my GPS handheld wasn’t around anymore. But my guess is, it will automatically detect your GPS device if it is connected using either USB or Serial if your tell it to. Once that is done, it should be easy to transfer your data from the device into your PC. Hope it helps! :smiley:

Greetings form Canada!

Finally found the street maps I’ve been searching for a while. Thanks for posting.

Wow… this update posted is so cool… good job guys…

I m actually staying in Desa pujut la… no easily i can plot my home…

well done…

cheers, :lol:

I have made few compilations with minor info updates

Miricommunity.Net Team has done the Miri part (proper credit are belong to them), while Kuching areas mapping etc are based on KMZs compilations (some made by others - also credit for them… but some areas are added by me through my own eyes, few places that Ive visited, hence I put more effort in the Kuching area). Some of it may be not accurates and I hope who wanna join to update this would be fun!

Get Google Earth: (Download Google Earth)

Download: Kuching (Hi-res) / Miri Mapping … i.kmz.html

:lol: I will update this on a timely basis (when im free la) hehe…


Found 2 mapping websites using ArcIMS by our Sarawak government. Quite impressive, and have detailed maps of Miri and the whole Sarawak. Have to register though, but it’s free:

so slow to download.
View Oso blur…

not bad. cooooooool jack. thanks for the website. :slight_smile:

no mention of the maps over at ? :slight_smile: Got pretty detailed maps of Miri there!