As requested by Dassolve, i hope you all can enjoy this map and the trip you be planning to make … take care

Oh for legal purposes …


Thanks for the map too. I’ll use it one day.

:smiley: nice map. problem is, how to view it in car :smiley:

rabbitx, many thanks, a Brilliant piece of work :smiley:

i’ve been informed to allow for 5/6hrs for driving, & 2hrs for all the ‘chops’ at the check points?

Thanks for comments, but unfortunately Map was not created by me, it was created by a friend so just sharing it … if you guys find something different please update it and post it up. It will be good to have an updated version where everyone shares their experience… this map is currently date early last year …cheers

Please be aware that check points might take awhile to get thru’ sometimes there is traffic and sometimes its just empty. I myself have not been on this trip all the way to KK, so i won’t be a good guide/advise for you. Maybe someone else can exchange their view and experience. Hearsay would indicate it takes about 1 day time to arrive in KK, also certain immigration check point is being upgraded and still on going…

how is the road condition from brunei to KK? i heard it has improved a lot compared to last time… i might try it one day soon. thanks for the map

cool…I have the paper version…
a friend gave it to me…

Unless you want to sight see rural Brunei ignore Lamunin / Tutong. Go on the coastal highway and turn right to Jln Jerudong then left onto the Tutong Road till you can turn off to Kuala Lurah


i owe you a lunch. maybe someday lah if we’ll ever met.

thanks for the great info! been looking for these!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Dude… good map. Am saving it to my HDD… thanks to your buddy man.

this one is easier, i take this road. Careful dun miss the junction to turn to Kuala Lurah. Its turn right.

the map is really useful, i just back which i been driving to kk for my holiday family trip!

there is a new ZOO (kehidupan Liar) at Lok Kahwi area, strongly recommend for those parent bring children for holiday trip, MUST go there for at least half day!

another location is ONE BORNEO shopping area, during gawai holiday i been there, the shop overthere is not yet done or open, i found the SEA WORLD in the group floor… it’s mean BORNEO FIRST SEA WORLD will be in KK, MUST GO !!! but hv to wait around 6mths time lagi lor!!!

very good map you have here rabbitx, thanks for the sharing! :smiley:

[quote=“dougie”]rabbitx, many thanks, a Brilliant piece of work :smiley:

i’ve been informed to allow for 5/6hrs for driving, & 2hrs for all the ‘chops’ at the check points?[/quote]

as far as i know (coz I went to KK from Miri by car in 2005), there’s something like 7 to 8 customs that you need to get by, and they chop your passport gao gao

The map is very accurate from Miri to Limbang as I am quite familiar with the road. If I remember correctly, Lamunin route is shorter by about 40 KM, ie, Miri to Limbang is 180KM vs 220KM. The U-turn into Maya junction (to go to Lamunin), it is 60KM from the petrol station. You would just drive straight and look for Lamunin (ie, 0Km Lamunin). You will see a “painted roundabout”, ie, a roundabout without the center island. Make a 9:00 o’clock turn and keep driving until you see a sawmill. Turn right. Even if you miss this junction, you can turn right at the next junction. You will see a telecom tower on the right. I think this is Simpang 747.

Don’t use this road during heavy rain or at night (for first timer). The road is very narrow and there is no street light. Also, you have a feeling of being “lost” when you use it for the first time. It is easily to use this road when you are coming in from Limbang.

By the way, I was told that you are NOT ALLOWED to buy any petrol in Brunei effective 2 days ago! I am just wondering why they would do this to foreign cars.

Talking about custom/immigration checkpoints, let’s count:

Sg. Tujuh (Exiting Miri enter Brunei)
Kuala Lurah (Exiting Brunei entering Limbang)
Temburong (Exiting Limbang entering Brunei (Temburong)
Exiting Temburong and entering Lawas
Exiting Lawas into Sabah

Ok, if I count correctly, the passport needs to be inspected 10 times one way.

Thanks for the map.

Nice drawing, very clear. just bring to map and start your journey, sure you will read it.

Nice. I never knew GK roundabout is called Sarawak Shell Roundabout and Pujut 7 roundabout is called Permyjaya Roundabout…is that the official name for the roundabout?

thanks!i will use it one day,never been to sabah before…planning to go…and bring my laptop go…need to find my way… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: