Many get creative in the kitchen on Day Six

Photo courtesy of Wee, simple pancake as breakfast.

MIRI: By the sixth day of movement control order (MCO), many Malaysians are pushed to unleash their creativity in the kitchen.

Many took to social media to show off their new or rediscovered culinary skills.

“I’ve stocked up a lot of flour and eggs, so when I got tired of rice and noodles, I make pancake for a change. I was quite surprised that a lot of my Facebook friends shared similar thoughts and also posted photos of their pancakes,” said mother-of -two, Wyjane Lai.

From pancakes to waffles or Japanese curry rice and bubur cha cha, Lai got recipes shared by her FB friends.

Orange pound cake by Wee for her children.

“Now that I’m at home with a lot of time, I try out different recipes depending on the ingredients I have in the kitchen.”

Waffles made by Wyjane with flour, eggs and sugar.

Photos of home-cooked sweet and savoury food are flooding social media during MCO as many discover the joy (or chore) of home cooking.

Bong Kim Foon said that her husband and son become the chefs of the house, constantly cooking up a storm, adding a bit of good vibe during the restriction order.

“Good food makes people feel good. These photos I’ve posted may not be the most expensive and best, but it did lift the mood in the house for a bit.”

Another mother confined to the house said that besides daily meals, she has taken to baking cakes and cookies to keep her children and herself happy.

Onion pancake by Bong’s male chefs.

“Keeping myself busy at the kitchen keeps me occupied. I don’t usually spend a lot of time at home when I was working, so this is a great time for me to bake for my kids.”

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