Many areas in Baram still flooded despite improved weather

MIRI: Many populated areas across Baram are still inundated, despite the improved weather seen over the past several days.

Floodwater could still be seen covering the compounds of several primary and secondary schools, as well as longhouses in the interior pockets of Baram, but none showed any sign of sudden increase.

According to Baram Education Office, SK Long Bemang and SK Long Panai have been benefitting from the sunny weather, and the flood situation in these areas remains under control.

Both primary schools are still not open, under the present Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period.

Photo shows SMK Tutoh Apoh, which is open despite still being hit by floods.

During an observation yesterday, the field, the assembly hall, the teacher’s quarters, the dining hall, the hostels and also the classrooms of SK Long Bemang were still inundated – the highest level was measured at about four feet (1.2m).

In SK Long Panai, the highest floodwater level measured was at five feet (1.5m) and it covered many sections including the concrete pathway, the teacher’s quarters, and the compound around the generator-set storehouse.

The floodwater level at SMK Tutoh Apoh was measured at three feet (0.9m) and it struck the school field, eight barracks, six quarters units, a teacher’s flat, and and the compound around the generator-set storehouse.

The secondary school was operating as usual yesterday, housing 44 Form 5 students and 20 staff members.

Meanwhile, the flood situation in Marudi was reported to be under control, with the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) confirming that there had been no evacuation exercise.

However, Kampung Long Bemang and Kampung Long Panai in Apoh Baram remained inundated.

Additionally, Marudi District Office reported that a 33-door longhouse, Rumah Vincent Kui in Tanjung Upar, recorded floodwater level of about two feet (0.6m).

In a statement, Bomba Miri chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said torrential rain in Apoh and the interior areas triggered the floods that struck Kampung Long Panai early Saturday.

“It is found that the floodwater level is still rising today (yesterday).

“The Bomba is monitoring the flood-affected areas and we advise the villagers to take all precautionary measures, which include ensuring that all electrical equipment are turned off and always keeping the children safe,” he added.

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