Mandarin Course in Miri

Mandarin Made Easy for Adult in Miri

We specialized in Mandarin Courses for:
Adult Beginner 1 (3-month Conversation Course)
Adult Beginner 3 (5-month Reading & Writing Course)
Adult Intermediate Levels (12-month Reading, Writing & Conversation Course)

  • Experienced & Patience Teacher
  • Stress-free, Effective, Fun & Interesting teaching methods
  • Teaching materials provided (12 pcs of CDs)
  • Reasonable school fee

For more information, kindly email to


How much is it? And how many times a week and hours? Where is the location?

PM you already. ^^

PM me pls.


PM done. ^^

Is this course still available?

Yes. Zamry. It is still available. We have it throughout the year. :slight_smile:

pm me too pls. tq

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pm me also k :slight_smile:

please provide details… i am interested in Adult Beginner 3. i can speak but not read or write.

PM me on the cost and time table

3 months conversational course? er… got any shorter ones? and also private sessions? ie. 1 to 1 lessons?

3 months = 12 lessons (2 hours each). You can shorten the course by attending few sessions a week. For example, twice a week = finish the course in 6 weeks or 3 times a week = finish in 4 weeks. :slight_smile:
The session is all 1 to 1 private lesson. Unless u have your own group of friends else it’s not that convenient to mix with other working adults as they have different schedule weekly.

Dauz, sfJong and Mikee. PM done. :slight_smile:


sounds good, please send me the schedule and cost thanks.

PM done. Noyze. Hope to hear from you soon!

BTW, certificate will be provided upon the completion of the course. Our learning centre is registered with the education department since year 2004. Cheers!