Man turned cat is world's ‘most modified man’

Man turned cat is world’s most modified man
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Museum openings are usually pretty muted affairs but not when you invite a man who can turn himself into a cat and someone who thinks he is a lizard.

With a contortionist along for good measure, and a mini Elvis, few guests at the launch of tonight’s newest exhibition space in London should be bored at least not with the entertainment.

Stalking Cat, aka American computer repair man Dennis Avner, 50, is the world’s ‘most modified man’ and has had surgery to create a feline cleft lip and a flat, upturned nose.

He has also had tiger stripes tattooed on his body and fixes synthetic whiskers to a piercing through his lip every day.

Stalking Cat says it is his Native American beliefs that have driven him to transform himself into his totem animal a tiger.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum has a collection of more than 500 oddities, including a display of human shrunken heads from Ecuador and a copy of The Last Supper painted on a grain of rice.

Among other odd exhibits is a Mini Cooper which has been covered in a million Swarovski crystals.

‘It was made by an English couple, now living in Canada, and is the finest art car in the world. And yes it can be driven,’ said Edward T Meyer of Ripley Entertainment.

Other oddball guests at the opening in Piccadilly include Caprice and Jordan, believe it or not…



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