Man survives head-on collision with lorry

The victim’s car – all wrecked due to the impact from the collision.

MIRI: A man in his 40s escaped death when his car crashed head-on with a lorry near Bekenu at about 11am yesterday.

It is said that the car driver was heading towards Bekenu from here when the two vehicles collided – the impact from which caused him to be pinned into his seat, while the lorry plunged into a ravine.

Several passers-by who witnessed the accident attempted to pull the driver out of the car, but to no avail.

Firefighters from the Miri Fire and Rescue station, who arrived at the scene following a distress call, managed to bring the man out from the car.

The victim was then rushed to Miri Hospital on board an ambulance.

The lorry’s driver was unhurt.

Police are investigating.

A firefighter calms the driver down as others work together to pull him out of the car.

Source: The Borneo Post

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