Man proposes over Groupon?


nearly 30 000 bought :shock: … g-seong–2


I bought it! LOL

i don’t understand. if i bought it, what will happen?


We do a good thing by giving those couple a good memory.

That is it. =)

Beside, you just need to click it. No need pay. lol

not sure about u guys, i think its really lame to propose this way. im surprised noone thinks the same way.

It’s the same like proposing in a restaurant full of people.
The concept is “announce to the world” that you love that woman with no shame.

I don’t think it’s lame, but it’s something that I wouldn’t do my self though.

Seems like scripted to get publicity.

I agree with that.

its in the star newspaper too

I wonder if people gonna put up their divorce advertisement like tat in Groupon. :smiley:

in the modern world, techno is the way of live…
not follow conventional way of doing thing.

Not in a thousand years I guess…