Man meets Woman

A man & a woman are involved in horrendous head-on car crash.
amazingly there are no injuries to either.

After they crawl from wreckage, the woman states
“wow! you are a man, & i a woman… there’s nothing left of our cars…
yet we are unhurt! This must be a sign from God, that we were to meet,
& spend the rest of our lives together, in peace…”

Flattered, the man replies “yes! is indeed a sign from God, we must get married”

The woman continues “& look at this… there is another miracle…
my car is completely demoilshed, yet this bottle of wine, has been left untouched,
surely God wants us to open this wine & celebrate our good fortune?”

The man nods his head in agreement, & accepts the offered wine.
He uncorks the bottle & drinks half the wine, before returning bottle back to woman.
The woman takes the bottle & immeadiately puts the cork back in, then handing back to the man.

Man asks “are you not having any?”
Woman replies "No. i think i’ll just wait for the police to arrive…

Moral of the story?
woman are clever & don’t beleive in everything you hear…

fren dougie

it was just so happened, that man met a clever woman. He was unlucky, i supposed. anyway that is only a short story to be read and I think there are countless things that need to be told about men and women who were situated in that kind of scenario ha ha ha. I am sure, it would not be same with the story that you told us of which the woman was at edge over the man. In most of the cases men overwhelmed women under that situation ha ha ha ha

merely my plain opinion

selamat hari raya aidil fitri