Man married to elder woman

Hahahah…let discuss about this thread. Please feel free to throw out your opininon here
Well…i give clue
Man is younger than his wife 3 - 5 years old

I don’t see anything wrong with that

It have no wrong man

alright waiting for others comment please…

me too… see nothing is wrong nowaday…as long as they love each others…

Nothing wrong. Happy ever after :mrgreen:

like that baru woman sayang the man ma…

3~5 years ‘nia’…I have a friend the wife 10 years older than hubby…and they live happily ever after…til now it’s still blissful. So I don’t see any problem with that too. Maybe the only hurdle would be the guy’s parents.

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i asked this before…

ages is not the factor at all… come on this is 21st century! jeezzz…

clever GTSW20. Haha, i agree too >.<

hahah…most of us here agree with that. Cool anyway…

Thanks…i saw his signature anyway :wink:

knightstemplar…i saw that too…15years elder than hubby

yes indeed, age wasnt a BIG ISSUES nowadays. It doesnt means that man must be older than woman. It wasnt a big deal at all. After all, love is blessfull when you meet the right person. Spot him/her instantly and you will knoe he/she is the one you searching for all these while. A shoulder to laugh, cry, talked, walked hand in hand when face difficulties. A slow stroke along the pathways down in the evening bridge. Cycle together. Freetime… have a joy ride together inside a small hub car. Doesnt means pocket full of money wil bring everlasting love with you and him/her. Everything share under the same boat. Whether it was a ruft winding boat to sail, she/he will always by yourside. Through up and down. he/she will always by yourside. Kiss you when you fall asleep, kiss you everytime you wake up. That is the best damn thing in your life.

Love without any Fear…

i know a few couples like this. all good.
quick guys, go find that older lady now! oh, i see some of you have already started… good luck :wink:

For those who are actually found one, go for it! All the best!

you not interested in older women?


you not interested in older women?[/quote]

it is all about “feel”… why? you point is…?