Man intends to sue Laku over damaged jacuzzi

MIRI: A resident of Greenville in Senadin is planning to sue Laku Management Sdn Bhd after a burst main water pipe last Wednesday damaged his RM63,000 jacuzzi.
Jarrat William Cullen, 38, an Australian national, said the burst main pipe brought sediments through his water supply pipe and damaged his jacuzzi filters.

I may have chosen the wrong day to refill my jacuzzi, but what annoys me most was that Laku did not send any of its representatives to my house after my wife called in to complain about the yellowish water in the morning.

When I noticed the water had turned black later in the afternoon, it was already too late because I had earlier turn on the water to refill my jacuzzi. When I came to check on it, it was a pool of black water, he said.

According to him, his wife Agnes Mulah, 36, noticed that the water was yellowish when she turned on the water tap at about 5.30am on Wednesday.

She first contacted Laku to inform about the yellowish water around 9am and was told that Laku representatives would come over to the house to check on the water.

He claimed that his wife was also told that Laku would flush the main pipe that channelled water to the area.
Later that Wednesday, assuming that the main pipe was already flushed, Jarrat decided to refill the jacuzzi which was at the back of the house and went in to watch television, leaving the jacuzzi water running.
We waited since that phone call was made and no one came. We did not expect the water to turn black in the afternoon.
I called again about 2pm after seeing the black water in my jacuzzi and was told the same thing. I requested them to come and see my damaged property and they said they will, but until now no one came, he said in frustration.

He said at about 3pm, he saw some Laku workers in the area where the main pipe had burst and went over to see them. Again he told them that the water had damaged his jacuzzi and requested them to come and see it.
They said yes but I waited until 6.20pm and no one came. This is very frustrating, he said, adding that this made them turn to the media to highlight their plight.

[size=150]Jarrat disclosed that he only managed to get in touch with a Laku senior officer yesterday afternoon and was told that Laku was not in the position to compensate for the damage.
He told me to write in to make my complaint, but Laku cannot compensate my damaged property. I do not see why I have to write in to them if they cannot do anything. I already told them what I needed to and I wanted them to come and see my damaged property, but they ignore my request.

Now, this is not so much about the damaged jacuzzi, but this also about [size=150]unclean water that they have let us consume.[/size]

I have two little kids [size=150]at home who are consuming this water, so are other families in Miri. I believe that Laku and the government should be responsible for this[/size], said the former military man, adding that he is planning to sue Laku for the damaged property.
Meanwhile, Jarrat said the colour of the pipe water returned to normal at about 4.30pm yesterday.

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[size=150]How about the Diesel spilled Water issue? has anyone followed up the case or shall Miri citizen file for high court consumer case?[/size]

Mr. Jarrat William Cullen, I 1,000,000,000 % support you … :smiley:

Only in Malaysia… sigh…

Superb Customer service, as usual.

jaw dropping RM63000 Jacuzzi!

Mother of god…63k jacuzzi???

the water look like from lutong river.

b4 sue them make sure the house is no illega extension. heheheheh

report it to DAP… haha :smiley:

I can understand him for not getting a main filter. In Australia, people drink directly from the pipe and rarely if not never came across murky water coming out from their pipe.

Anyway, I don’t think he can sue LAKU. I remember reading somewhere regarding immunity of certain agency.

[quote=“united84”]I can understand him for not getting a main filter. In Australia, people drink directly from the pipe and rarely if not never came across murky water coming out from their pipe.

Anyway, I don’t think he can sue LAKU. I remember reading somewhere regarding immunity of certain agency.[/quote]

49 years joining Malaysia Federation & Sarawak still get murky water from their water tap. Do please explain more of the so called immunity.

If that is the case, everyone is align for health problem related with drinking water in Miri.

Think about it, water is an essential need of daily life, & granting immunity law gave them chance to kill you even you are just average joe on street.

Its a shame Miri as a City get ■■■■■■ water down our water pipe. Even a small town in Australia have good clean water from their tap.

Dont under estimate small people will; if there is a will; there is way. Even so to remove the immunity law from the constitution.

Our local water may not a issue yet as the monopoly ploy is still with State`s Water Bill. Look to Selangor, SYABAS now is on hot debate.

Neighbouring country Brunei can even get their water cleaner than us, what the ■■■■ is Miri?

ini mat salleh ada bola. berani buat bising.

but in the end he also will ends up bola, sini sana kena passing .

try his best to sue the Laku, if not these people will ignore the people need although we pay for their service.

if ang mo complain baru mau dengar?

ini semua muka mintak penumbuk… puk!mak lau chien…

ini semua muka mintak penumbuk… puk!mak lau chien…[/quote]

no need say face till such. What you should propose them to drink water in Permjaya & Senadin directly from tap. These picture are just novice propaganda to tell Miri their water are safe for drinking.But the real fact is, your water from tap in Miri some are as yellow the murky water in Kuala Baram.

Although my damages is about rm 3k. I would like to complain too.

ang mo cant do much. later he has to meet the director of immigration Miri.

As expensive as Hyundai Getz Special Ed.

so rich, hope he succeed in the lawsuit against LAKU, that would be awesome.