Man found dead with gash on head

Miri:The body of a local Kedayan bachelor with a gash on the head was found lying on the roadside about 50 km from Miri between Kampung Subak and Kampung Selanyau yesterday. Miri CID chief DSP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit confirmed that a report had been received on the incident and the case tentatively classified as sudden death, pending results of a post-mortem to be carried out today. The deceased was identified by locals as a 30-year-old bachelor from Kampung Selanyau about 2 km from the scene where his body was found by two villagers from Kampung Subak yesterday evening.

He was a farmer working for a Chinese boss in one of the farms in the area and usually rides a motorcycle to work except on that fateful day. No identification documents were found on his body when police arrived at the scene. Official identification of the body would be carried out by police during investigations. Stanley said the cause of death would be determined by the post-mortem and the nature of the injuries sustained. The post-motem results will determined the nature of investigation to be carried out. Police would classify the case as murder if there was evidence of foul play. “No weapon was found at the scene and we have tentatively classified it as sudden death as we don’t know if the injuries were caused by a weapon, sustained in a fall or some other cause,” he said.

Taken from The Borneo Post-