Man escapes the jaws of death at Sg Bakong

Mangku receiving treatment at Miri Hospital after the crocodile attack.

MIRI: A 56-year-old man cheated death when he escaped a crocodile attack at Sg Bakong, Beluru around 2pm on Sunday.

The victim Mangku Sulo, when met at Miri Hospital today, said that he had gone fishing with five others from the same longhouse.

“While I was throwing the fishing net, suddenly something attacked me from the water.

“I did not know what, but it happened in seconds. It bit my foot and dragged me into the water,” he recalled.

The crocodile dragged Mangku far from the bank, but later let go of his foot.

“It was during that moment, I swam to the bank as fast as possible to avoid from being attacked again,” he said.

When he reached the bank, Mangku said he looked back towards the river and saw the reptile’s head, which he believed was the one that attacked him.

He sustained a 12cm-long cut on his right foot from the Sunday ordeal.