Man duped of RM9,500 in phone scam

File photo for illustration

MIRI: A 50-year-old man was made RM9,500 poorer in one day after he fell victim to what appeared to be another form of Macau Scam via phone on Wednesday.

He, however, only realised that he had been scammed on Friday, prompting him to lodge a police report.

It was learnt that the victim, who is self-employed had received a phone call on Wednesday from a man claimed to be from Terengganu Court who told him that he had a personal loan from a bank amounting to RM50,000.

The caller also told the victim that he is a policeman attached with Terengganu Police Headquarter (IPK) and asked him to pay the amount to them.

The victim, without suspecting anything, then made four transactions amounting RM9,500 to an account number given to him.

On Friday, he realised that he could have fell victim to a phone scam and immediately lodged a police report.